Lacrosse stick pre-strung with hard mesh

Spray Re-Lax onto the pocket below the shooting strings, 6 to 8 sprays on each side.  Be sure to wet the pocket with water first otherwise you may need to use more product.

Use a lacrosse ball to work the conditioners into the mesh.  Once you form the desired pocket, rinse the mesh and let it dry.

When forming your pocket, keep in mind the rule for a legal pocket in men’s lacrosse:

If the top surface of a lacrosse ball, when placed in the pocket, is below the bottom edge of the side wall then the pocket is too deep. (This does not apply to a goalkeeper’s pocket.) To check your stick, put a ball in the pocket, hold the stick horizontally at eye-level and the very top of the ball should be hidden behind the sidewall. If you see space between the top of the ball and the bottom of the side wall then your pocket is too deep.

Custom Stringing

Take a new piece of hard mesh.  If you wet it with water first, you will use less product.   Spray each side of the mesh between 5 & 10 times.

Roll mesh into a cylindrical shape and rub it back and forth to have Re-Lax penetrate the fibers. You will feel the mesh soften. Once softened, the mesh opens easily.

Rinse off Re-Lax and begin stringing.

You do not have to re-apply Re-Lax to create your pocket.

Spray & Play

With a new, un-seasoned pocket made of hard mesh, simply spray Re-Lax onto the pocket below the shooting strings approximately 6 to 8 times on each side. Work in Re-Lax with the ball and create the desired pocket. After the game, RINSE the pocket and allow it to dry.

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